Start Low and Go Slow

I’ve really been thinking (obviously) about the new Newburyport City Council 2008. What a surprise. And mulling over the “new” state of affairs.

And one of the things that concerns me is the expectation that this new council could, “get a lot accomplished” and “fasten your seat belts.” (Newburyport Daily News, November 12, 2007)

They might.

But my guess would be that whatever the new Newburyport City Council hopes to achieve in the years 2008-2009, it could be a good idea to divide those expectations not just half, but probably by 6 or 8, and if that much actually could be accomplished, well, my, a lot would have been achieved.

From talking to folks the last couple of weeks, and looking back at politics while I’ve been in Newburyport, MA, it always seems that it would be, 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

I know that with geriatric patients (no, I’m not a geriatric patient, at least, I hope I get to be a geriatric patient one day, but there may be a ways to go) there is a great phrase, “Start low and go slow.”

So, even with great possibilities ahead, my hope would be that the upcoming Newburyport City Council 2008, would take a deep breath and “start low and go slow.”

Mary Eaton