Newburyport City Council

I went to watch the Newburyport City Council on TV last night and it wasn’t on. It wasn’t on cable. I gotta say I was sort of relieved. I’d managed to watch two whole City Council meetings all the way through, and I was beginning to feel kind of compulsive about it. So whoever runs the cable company helped me break my “gotta watch the Newburyport City Council habit.” Thank you.

I’ll just have to rely on The Undertoad, the Newburyport Daily News and the Newburyport Current to find out what happened. (What I really wanted to know was if the Towle Project passed on the second reading. I’m assuming it did, but you never know. If it didn’t you bet I’ll probably be blogging about it.)

Well, OK, I’ll admit I was actually tempted to go down and see what was going on first hand. But, the thought of those cold hard benches for that long was daunting.

I thought about bringing my hot cocoa, the large bowl of popcorn, some soft comfy down pillows and a warm snuggy blanket. But then I wasn’t sure how the Newburyport City Council would take it.

They would either bark at me, or complain that they didn’t have comfy down pillows (which they don’t) and want me to share some of my popcorn, even all of my popcorn. Which actually I would have done, because I think sharing my popcorn with the Newburyport City Council would have helped. It would have lightened things up a little, might have even made them smile or even laugh. And from watching my last two Newburyport City Council meetings, I think they could possibly use it.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport