Newburyport, “No” is a Complete Sentence, When it Comes to Too Many Frogs

Georgiana Tadpole, frog activist, wants to know if the tadpoles that she and George Cushing of Frog Pond at the Bartlet Mall, the political consultant for the Newburyport Blog, sired (do frogs “sire”?? are tadpoles “sired”?? You’d think with all these amphibians around, I’d be better on my frog lingo stuff) could all move to the Newburyport Blog when they “mature” and turn into little frogs.

Georgiana Tadpole pleading with moi,
to have a whole lot of little mature frogs move
to the Newburyport Blog


No offense, Georgiana, but here at the Newburyport Blog, there are already, count ’em, four frogs. FOUR frogs already.

Good grief. How many blogs actually have one frog, much less four frogs, I mean, give me a break.

It’s one thing for you and George to do whatever, at Frog Pond and the vernal pool (at the back of the Wheelwright House property), but come on, you want the Newburyport Blog overrun with little frogs? It would probably be a health hazard, among other things. I mean four is way more than enough.

Georgiana, you miss them?

You thought it would be fine if they hung out with the “Peepers” at the vernal pool or with all of George Cushing relatives at Frog Pond, but you’d rather have them here??

Look, first of all, I have no idea how you and George Cushing actually got all the way over to the vernal pool and to Frog Pond to have all that frenetic activity, and I really do not want to know, it’s got to be the mating season thing, right? But, that’s the way it goes, kiddo. The little twerps, I mean little tadpoles, stay right where they are, when they “mature.”

Sorry, sorry. Maybe you and George Cushing could coach them, and eventually, they too could become frog activists and frog political consultants.

Think of it this way, maybe they could spread out and be froggy inspirations to the populace of Newburyport, MA. And I’m sure this won’t be the first batch, or bunch, or frog family, or whatever that you and George might “sire.” Right?

That’s a big job?

Well kiddo, frog’o, whatever, I’m not worried, I am quite sure you and George Cushing will figure it out. But they are definitely, definitely NOT going to come to the Newburyport Blog.

Mary Eaton
The Newburyport Blog
(Home already to way too many frogs)