Newburyport, Massachusetts, Thank You Mr. Ryan

Well I am “verklempt”. (That is Yiddish for “deeply moved”. Yes, I Googled it to make sure it was spelled right.) (And yes, I’m originally from New York, I’ll admit it right up front, the editor of the Newbuyrport Political Blog is not a native–but that is another posting altogether.) I was extremely moved by Tom Ryan’s write up in the Undertoad. I promise that I won’t get upset when the time comes that Mr. Ryan may disagree with me. (Ok, I’ll be hurt for a while, but I will inevitably come back for another peek at Newburyport’s local journal, The Undertoad.)

Actually, Mr. Ryan was one of the inspirations for the Newburyport Political Blog. I watched him as he started the Undertoad (see earlier post), an entrepreneurial venture and admired how it took off and how it has affected the City of Newburyport, Massachusetts. As far as I’m concerned Tom Ryan was one of the original bloggers, he just happened to do it in print. If Tom Ryan ever decides to go online and do something like blog, you can bet I’d check it out every day.

So, thank you Mr. Ryan. Your write up in The Undertoad was very, very kind.

( P.S. If you have trouble remembering the web address, if you go to Google and put in “Newburyport blog”, the Newburyport Political Blog should come right up.)

Mary Eaton, Newburport