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The Newburyport Blog gets national (sort of).

This Newburyport Blog gets national (sort of) thing, came by quite by accident (really).

I was think, gee, it would be nice to have the “weather” on the Home Page of the Newburyport Blog, but I couldn’t get the little weather button to work, so all I had was a link to Newburyport’s local weather on the side of the Home Page of the Newburyport Blog. Looked kind of lonely.

So what to put there to make “weather” look not so lonely? TV Listings, that might be fun. Let’s do that. Cool.

Still looking kind of lonely though. Horoscopes. Ooooh, Horoscopes. Love that one. So I look around the World Wide Web and came up with a “Horoscope” that was not too short and not too long and sounded sort of like my day. I went with that one.

Now I was really getting into it. What next? Comics. So I looked around the World Wide Web again, and came up with what I thought was a pretty good comic site, that includes Doonsebury. And you can go back and read all the Doonsebury strips you missed. How fun is that.

By this time, I’m really smiling. What are we missing now? Sports. I look around the Internet at sports stuff. All that I’m seeing is missing one very important ingredient: The Red Soxs. So I look at the two most likely links and come up with the best website. Maybe they’re not your favorite writers, but hey it’s not bad. This way when you check in with the Newburyport Blog, you can find out what’s going on with the Red Soxs and spring training. How cool is that.

I figured if people wanted to feel “tony” they might want to check the National News. And again it came down to reputation and a good website.

What would be really fun? The Personals. It’s a slow day a work and you want to pretend that you are 20 again, and can go check out the 20 something “stud muffins.” I’m loving this.

Oh, oh, oh… and then I found the coolest Crossword Puzzle. You can check “Regular Skill Level” and it will help you solve the darn thing. I just love the World Wide Web.

So come visit The Newburyport Blog and after you’ve read whatever quip I may have written, stay a while with me. Check out the weather; read your horoscope; find out what Doonesbury is up to today (can’t wait to see what they do with the Sunday Comics on the World Wide Web); follow the beloved Red Sox’s spring training, or whatever; glance at the National News; check out the “stud-muffins” in the Personals; and if things are really, really slow, work on that crossword puzzle and then have them solve it for you in a twinkle, and you will feel, oh, so smart. I did.

Mary Eaton