Newburyport, We are so Sorry

One of our own has experienced a terrible, terrible loss.

Ulrika Gerth’s ( the editor of the Newburyport Current) father-in-law died last night, February 14, 2007 in Maryland, in a car accident and Ulrika’s mother-in-law is in a comma.

Our hearts go out both to Ulrika and her husband Ralph Gerth.

I talked to Marlene Switzer, the Editor and Chief of the Newburyport Current, and a good friend of Ulrika’s to ask what we as a community could do for someone who has given us so much.

Marlene suggested at the moment that we send cards to:

Ulrika and Ralph Gerth
c/o Switzer
38 Charles Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

To let Ulrika and Ralph know how much the community cares and that they are not alone. Marlene will make sure that they get all the cards.

If there is anything further that we can do for Ulrika and Ralph, Marlene Switzer will let us all know.

Mary Eaton