Newburyport, Wheelwright Property Proposed Plunder

I took a look at the Newburyport Planning Board’s agenda and low and behold Willis Lane LLC, Brown Street is up to bat, yet again. (December 6, 2006)

So, curious human being that I am, I totteled over to the Newburyport City Hall Planning Office to take a look at what Willis Lane LLC might have in mind for the back of the Wheelwright Property that abuts the sacred Oak Hill Cemetery.

Could our happy developer, who lives in Newburyport, have come to his senses and amended (or scrapped) his previous plans to plunder (changed the verb) the property.

The answer is apparently not.

Here are the plans for what the developer feels that he could do “by right.”


Now whether or not he could do this “by right,” I have no idea. Fortunately the Newburyport Planning Board does.

And take a closer look at what the developer feels he could do “by right.”


Yes, you saw correctly, three 2-families (plus a one family that is not on this detail.) Isn’t that fun.

And having been shocked at what the developer might be able to do “by right” here are the sensitive community plans.


Doesn’t look like much change to me. Sigh….

Houses, with (it looks like) garages now right by the scared Oak Hill Cemetery. The “lane” to the subdivision pretty much paralleling that gorgeous “lane” to the Oak Hill Cemetery. Sigh…

Unfortunately, it seems to me, there is no accounting for taste.

Mary Eaton