Newburyport, MA, A Reporter Leaving

Stephanie Chelf will be leaving the Newburyport Daily News in early October. I will miss her a lot.

Stephanie has been the main reporter for the Newburyport part of the Newburyport Daily News and she has often been praised for her journalism in the Newburyport Political Blog.

Recently Ms Chelf did a first rate article on the sale of the Wheelwright Property, or what this blogger calls the “rape of the Ridge.” The article was on the front page of the Newburyport Daily News on August 31, 2006, with an aerial view of the 5 acre piece of land, so that readers could get an idea of how much damage could be done by the new developers Todd Smith and Peter Nordbloom of Willis Lane Investments, LLC.

Stephanie also let us know that both men are officials of “one of the regions largest real estate and commercial property firms,” Nordblom Real Estate Solutions, located in Burlington, MA. Another words, this was not a feel good person from Newburyport, MA who would like to do right by our city.

I have always felt that Stephanie Chelf really cares about Newburyport, MA, and has gone out of her way to write stories that would inform residents of this small seaport city. Ms Chelf has always struck me as someone with a great deal of integrity.

Stephanie Chelf will be a hard act to follow. But I have a feeling that she will make sure that the person who replaces her will be introduced to as many of the “players” as possible and will have as much background as could be imparted before she leaves for a step up the journalistic ladder.

Mary Eaton