Newburyport, The Wheelwright Property Subdivision Proposal

The Wheelwright property developers, Wills Lane Investments, are speeding right along. The developers are on tomorrow night’s Planning Board agenda for an OSRD Pre-Application Conference (Wednesday, September, 20, 2006, 7PM, City Hall.)

(I believe that the fact that this is a Pre-Application Conference means that the neighbors (much less the public) are not notified. As I understand it the neighbors are only notified once an application has actually been submitted.)

The developers have not formally submitted a development application. The Pre-Application Conference gives them the chance to float their plans to the Newburyport Planning Board to get feedback before filing an application that may get rejected. (This blogger hopes everything they would like to do would get rejected and they would not be able to do anything at all.)

The street that the Wheelwright property developers list is Brown Street. Brown Street is an extension of Greenleaf Street (that goes past the Newburyport Fire Station and the video store.) It is on the other side of State Street.

On the Newburyport GIS map, it looks like Brown Street curves around the property. But from what I can make out, that curve looks like it would be the driveway to the Cemetery where the Wheelwright family (among many others) is buried. That picture is in a previous post on the Newburyport Political Blog. I am not absolutely sure of this.

But what is for sure is that the proposed road and 5 house subdivision would border right along the Cemetery. It’s bad enough that the Wheelwright property developers would already like to rape the Ridge, much less desecrate Newburyport’s ancestors.

Newburyport Planning Board
This Wednesday
September 20, 2006
7 PM, Newburyport City Hall

Mary Eaton