New England, Newburyport Winters

New England, Newburyport Winter Night, Mary Baker © 2014
New England, Newburyport Winter Night, Mary Baker © 2014

Recently I’ve had friends and family move to Florida, California and even Bali.

Eat your heart out — maybe??

On Facebook I see photos of warm, tropical places, sometimes juxtaposed with life back in the “chilly” Northeast.

Even in the midst of the winter, this winter, so far, I have no inclination to be swayed by this tropical tease. (Maybe because in my early 20’s I moved to Los Angeles for 3 years and had major culture shock. The gorgeous, year-round flowers were never able to beguile me over walkable streets, seasons and public transportation–I was born and raised in New York City, a transplant to Newburyport 33 years ago.)

There is something for me about the nobility and dignity of a New England winter, despite the hype and panic over a “huge,” “blockbuster” snow storm that might be coming our way.

There is something about transcending the “harsh” climate, that speaks of resiliency and tenacity, two character traits I greatly admire.

And when that slow, beautiful New England spring arrives, I appreciate it so much more, than if perpetual flowers always existed. Coming out of a cold, dark winter, to the warm seasons, always gives me a sense of hope and rebirth.