Kathleen O’Connor Ives, State Senate, a New Generation of Politicians

If you take a look at Kathleen O’Connor Ives and any of her running mates, whether Democrat or Republican, Katy Ives stands out.  A twinkling star in the midst of “same old, same old.”

Amesbury Candidate Debate
The Amesbury Candidate Debate

And taking a look at the photo of Katy and her husband Jeff, I was struck by something.  Sometimes women candidates have support from their husbands, some enthusiastic, some grudging, but looking at Katy and Jeff there is something different. It’s a whole new generational different.

Jeff is the man behind the woman, literally in the photo of them together.  This is a whole new generational “thing.”  It transcends feminism.  It’s as if a woman running for public office is not only not an issue, but not even on the radar screen.  For 100’s of millions of women who have worked and been ambitious in their various fields, this is what they would like from their spouse. And the photo doesn’t lie, it’s how Jeff and Katy actually are.

katy and Jeff
Katy and Jeff

This is a new political verity, this is what  generations of women have wanted.  It may be why consensus building is so natural and second nature to Katy. It may be why members of the Newburyport City Council, progressive or conservative trust her. It may be why she does what she thinks is best for her constituents, and often surprises people with her independent Newburyport City Council vote.

This is the sort of human being, a shining human being, that I would like to see as my new Massachusetts State Senator for the First Essex District.

So vote this Thursday, September 6th.  And if you do not know where to vote press here.