The Story of Lucky and What in the World is George Thinking?


In the previous post George got very upset with me for giving out a recipe to the readers of The Newburyport Blog about a gluten free, yummy coating for fish.  George is upset because one of his “pals” who he would like to consider recommending as a political consultant to The Newburyport Blog is a catfish, and George did not like the idea that readers of the Newburyport Blog would be encouraged to eat his relatives (as distant as they might be).

I have never told George that the catfish in question, Lucky, is by no means alone.  Frogs’ legs are considered a great epicurean delicacy, and the editor of The Newburyport Blog, moi, happens to love them. We will keep this one a secret, do NOT tell George, whatever you do!!

And I am only considering George’s request about Lucky becoming yet another political consultant to The Newburyport Blog because of his most unusual bio.


Lucky is now 15 years old, and this is how he came by his name.

Lucky was a sole survivor of a batch, ie. school of fish, the rest of whom met an untimely demise.  The owner was vacuuming the bottom of Lucky’s and his and companions’ (I am assuming relatives) fish tank, when the bottle attached to whatever was helping to do this task, filled up too fast and after lifting the bottle up, the flow reversed, filling the fish tank with soap suds. Horror.

One catfish (Lucky) was saved and put into a salad bowl.

The cat in the dwelling got the catfish (Lucky) out of the bowl and onto the floor.  Lucky was saved, whew, and put in a bowl in the toaster oven for safe keeping.  The toaster oven was mistakenly turned on to preheat supper. Lucky, inside the toaster oven miraculously survived, and at that point, low these many 15 years ago, was christened by his now catfish name, “Lucky.”  (True story, I kid you not).

And somehow Lucky found his way to The Newburyport Blog and he and George have become pals.  Could a catfish become yet another political consultant to The Newburyport Blog?  George happens to think so, but I’m still on the fence, or on the proverbial side of the fish tank.

(Photo of Lucky courtesy of the catfish’s owner, Newburyport City Councilor Bob Cronin.)