Sticky, Gooey Political Taffy


Taffy, sticky, gooey taffy.  That’s what the LHD (LHD = Newburyport’s proposed Local Historic District) political brou-ha-ha has come down to. Just plain old weird, political stickiness.

No amount of calm recitation of the facts is going to do it.

In the comment section of today’s Newburyport Daily News, Jared Eigerman, a spokesperson for Citizens for Historic Newburyport attempted a “clarification:”

Please let me clarify that the “YES” signs and postcards were paid for by members of our private group Citizens for Historic Newburyport (CHN).  As I explained to your colleague ___ by email weeks ago, we do not have any government funding.  My understanding is that the City’s LHD Study Committee has had public funding, none of which is shared with us.
– Jared Eigerman”

Is this calm recitation of the facts going to convince some folks on the “Say No to LHD” side?  As they say in New Yawk, “Forget about it.”

No, at least from comments and email that I’ve received, the pro-LHD folks are supposedly on “the take,” and apparently that includes me. I’m not kidding. Basically insinuating fraudulent activity, i.e. taking the CPA money given to the city and siphoning it (I guess) for private LHD advocacy.

A new low in the LHD wars.

Good grief!