The Newburyport Political Blog –

When I first started the Newburyport Political Blog back on January 1, 2006, I had no idea what would happen. I had no idea if I would even blog for more than a few weeks or even a few days.

However, it has been almost 6 months and so far there appears to be stuff to blog about. And despite a few ups and downs, I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

I have decided to implement two things.

1) Although this is a “labor of love,” ok it may not be a “labor of
love,” it may be more like a “labor of enjoyment,” I’ve decided to
put some ads on the Newburyport Political Blog for obvious reasons.

2) I’ve created a web address that that is easier to remember. It is:

This is what is actually called a “forward” or a “redirect.” If you put in or they will both send you to the main Newburyport Political Blog page. My hope is this will make it easier to find the Newburyport Political Blog.

I have also put the “forward” link on the side of the Newburyport Political Blog to make it easy to remember.

And thank you all out there in web-land for reading and contributing, I very much appreciate it.

All the best,
Mary Eaton
Editor of the Newburyport Political Blog