Newburyport, Nice Rumor, the Wheelwright House Property

I heard a nice rumor. (I much prefer nice rumors to lousy ones.) It was a nice rumor about the Wheelwright House Property that is for sale along High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. This is one of the properties that so many people have been beside themselves about, so I sure do hope this nice rumor is true.

The rumor that I heard would be that residents would “be pleased” at the outcome of this sale. How about that one.

(Although the house was still “for sale” in the Newburyport MLS listings when I recently checked? ) (When I did check the Newburyport MLS listings I was amazed at how many houses there are over a million dollars, I mean not 1.1 million, but more like 1.6, million-that’s a lotta dough folks, but I digress…)

When I heard this lovely rumor, it at the very least gave me a glimmer of hope, a feeling of mild relief. (When I’ll really be relieved is when we all find out if it is actually true or not.)

That is one huge piece of property that could really be butchered and destroyed by the wrong person. It could really destroy the Ridge (the elevated section of High Street, between State Street and Lime Street,) it could really destroy the historic roadway and it could really do major damage to our small historic seaport city.

I hope this lovely rumor is true. I really, really, really want to “be pleased” by this one.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport