The Proposed Newburyport Local Historic District Commission

I have heard so much about the Nazi like quality of what the proposed Newburyport Local Historic District Commission, the commission that would help regulate the proposed Local Historic District (LHD), and I gotta tell you, a lot of misinformation out there, good grief.

Q: ( Me)  What do you think the LHD Commission would be like?

A: (A lot of people) People who don’t live in Newburyport, a bunch of controlling zealots who would make the lives of the people living in Newburyport a living hell. (No exaggeration here, I hear this all the time, no kidding.)

The proposed commission would be like any other of the Newburyport commissions (and boards), it would be made up of people who live in Newburyport, not controlling Nazi outsiders who care nothing about the people who live here.  Hello.

In the draft of the LHD Ordinance (and it’s a draft, so that means lots of public input from public hearings, good grief) it proposes that the LHD Commission be made up of  7 members.  And just like other boards and commissions, those members would be appointed by the mayor (often members are recommended to the mayor by citizens of Newburyport, no different here), and confirmed by the Newburyport City Council (just like ever other city board and commission). So if the people of Newburyport, don’t like a proposed member, they can call the Newburyport City Council and the Mayor and register their complaint, which often happens in our Newburyport democratic process (and often the person is not appointed or approved!).

The draft proposes that there be (again everyone lives in Newburyport) a realtor, an architect,  a member of the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce, people from entities like the Newburyport Preservation Trust and the Historic Society of Old Newbury, 2 members who are residents of the proposed district, and in the beginning 2 members of the Local Historic District Study Committee, to help with any initial confusion, and get things off to a good start.

The draft of the ordinance proposes that in the beginning, 2 members get appointed for one year, 2 members for two years, and three members for three years.  And then after the initial go through, each member would be appointed for 3 years, just like other Newburyport boards and commissions.

So now, hysterics out there, and there are a lot of hysterics out there, who are just so upset that they can’t hear what someone who may be for the Newburyport  Local Historic District (LHD) may be saying, this is not a proposed Nazi commission to control and destroy your lives (good grief!!).