New Newburyport Charter Website

Newburyport CharterThere is a new Newburyport vote “Yes” Charter website.

On the front page it points out:

“We have had 6 different mayors in the last 13 years!   There is a better way to run a 21st century city with a $54 million budget.”

And on the “Recall” issue the charter website  “Why No Recall?” page:

“Here are some of the reasons that a recall provision is not included in the new Charter.

–  Under state law, a recall can occur for any reason.  For example, if someone is unhappy with a zoning decision, he can institute a recall petition.  This is exactly what happened recently in Chelmsford, where a rich resident, unhappy with a zoning decision that affected his property, spent $90,000 to unseat local leaders.  That effort failed, but it caused an immense amount of bad feeling in the community.

–  Recalls are expensive.  These “special elections” cost the taxpayers money.

–  Recalls are often bitter and divisive.  They can hobble the serious activities that must be provided by city government.

–  There have been examples of communities around the country where a defeated mayoral candidate immediately begins working to recall the person who has just been elected.  This causes enormous disruption in the community, and makes it difficult for the elected officials to begin developing their programs.”

To check the entire “Charter Yes” website out press here.

The election is Tuesday, November 8, 2011, one of the things that you will be voting for is whether or not you would like to change Newburyport’s Charter.