Newburyport Charter, November Election 2011

I got a large gray “Report” in the mail yesterday (from the Newburyport Charter Commission). I almost threw it away. I imagine that about 85% of Newburyport households receiving this piece of mail, either put it in a pile to be “looked at later,” i.e. “looked at never,” or just tossed it outright.

Newburyport CharterProbably the next 10% put it aside, intending one day to actually read it, but they probably will not. The next 3%, like moi, looked at first page “Ballot Summary” so I would know how to vote. And maybe the last 2% actually perused the 51 page document at hand.

So much for 2 years or grueling hard work and utter transparency by the Newburyport Charter Review Committee.

So I’m going to make it easy.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, this is a really important vote. Basically a “Yes” vote means that the mayor of Newburyport, MA will be elected for 4 years instead of 2 years. (It’s a good idea, vote “Yes.”)