Newburyport November 2011 Election – What Election??

People ask me to “Put my ear to the ground” and find out what is going on with Newburyport’s election on November 8, 2011.

I have found an alarming piece of information.

Basically people have no idea that there is an election, when it might be, who is running, what it’s about, or what they would be voting for, including The Newburyport Charter, which is mucho important!

The Newburyport Charter
The Newburyport Charter

I’m talking about citizens of Newburyport who are not wildly involved in Newburyport city government, but they know what’s going on and they vote, they always vote.

I had a very good friend who’s offspring lives in town, always votes and asked her parent what all those weird signs were around the Mobile Station at State Street and High Street. Their parent clued them in.

I think our candidates running for office are assuming if there is a sign up at that particular juicy spot, people will know that it’s election time. But apparently, not so folks.

Yesterday, I walked down the High Street on the South End of Newburyport, and no political signs. None. For the city’s more progressive candidates, Wards 1 and Ward 2 are the most “progressive” wards, and people need to know that there is an election!! So please, good grief, some signs from someone,  somewhere along the South End of High Street would be such a good idea!!

This is an important election. Readers of The Newburyport Blog and elsewhere, spread the word.

Along with the Newburyport Charter changes, is the very important Newburyport City Council At Large race. Who wins that race may determine what sort of Local Historic District (LHD) Newburyport may have.

So again – the upcoming Newburyport Election is on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

The At Large candidates running for Newburyport City Council who are on record for supporting the process of a Local Historic District, i.e. the economic future of Newburyport are:

Ed Cameron

Barry Connell

Mike Early

Ari Herzog

Steve Hutcheson

Katy O’Connor Ives

And… You will be voting on the Newburyport Charter. Basically a “Yes” vote means that the mayor of Newburyport, MA will be elected for 4 years instead of 2 years. (It’s a good idea, vote “Yes.”)