Newburyport, Save Our Town

In August 2006 Steve Rudolph, Sarah White and I created “Save Our Town.” It was at the height of the housing bubble, and development was out of control. The goal was to advocate for “responsible growth,” and what was being voted on at the time in the Newburyport City Council, what I call, the “Infill Ordinance,” and to advocate for the ultimate protection for Newburyport, a Local Historic District (LHD).

Steve and Sarah went on to become a huge part of the preservation community. An incredible Newburyport, “Aren’t we incredibly lucky” story.

Steve Rudolph, a very intelligent and articulate man (vast understatement), wrote some very astute things for Save Our Town. Here is an excerpt from one of his writings:

“Newburyport is unique. Newburyport offers a combination of historical appeal and local neighborhood character found nowhere else. Simply put, Newburyport is a place where the past lives with us in the present.

Some say that the issue about how to protect Newburyport is about property rights and progress vs. government intrusion and stagnation. Not true. The battle to preserve the historical American treasure that Newburyport represents is about economic and cultural responsibility. Economically, we have a model here that works. Historic preservation has and will continue to drive economic growth. Culturally, we owe it to all of the Newburyporters who came before us to continue to honor their unique vision of Newburyport.

We’re in trouble. Newburyport is under threat. Newburyport is growing – which is good – but not always in ways that preserve the characteristics that have made Newburyport a success story. The destruction is happening one piece at a time. It’s death by a thousand paper cuts. A house demolished here. An open parcel filled in there. A subdivision going up in the middle of an historic neighborhood.  And once our historical treasures are gone, they’re gone forever.

The vision that we Newburyporters have outlined for our future is slipping away right before our very eyes.”

If you want to save Newburyport, vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

The Newburyport City Council At Large candidates running for Newburyport City Council who are on record for supporting a Local Historic District, i.e. the economic future of Newburyport are:

Ed Cameron

Barry Connell

Mike Early

Ari Herzog

Steve Hutcheson

Katy O’Connor Ives

Vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. Your vote matters.