Newburyport Election 2009–The Liberator

If you have not done so already, go out and get yourself the latest copy of The Newburyport Liberator (I get mine at Richdales, but they are sold all over town). You may or may not agree with the Liberator’s endorsements, but this election copy (October 23, 2009) would be extremely useful in giving people information about the candidates, to help them make up their minds about who they might vote for, on Tuesday, November 3, 2009.

Jim Roy, the editor of The Newburyport Liberator, has worked for decades on Newburyport’s parking issues and for an Open Waterfront on the NRA property (the two dirt parking lots on either side of the Firehouse Center for the Arts), so take this into consideration as you read who the Liberator has given its endorsements to.

However, all the candidates, both for mayor and for Newburyport City Council, are given some space to express their answers to 3 questions, so the reader can hear directly from the candidates themselves.

The Newburyport Liberator also gives a big fat endorsement to voting “yes” for the Newburyport Charter Review, and has its take on the 20 candidates running for the opportunity to lead the discussion about where the Newburyport city charter could go. So, by all means, go get yourself a copy.