Newburyport Charter Review

On November 3, 2009 we (residents of Newburyport) go to the polls and vote whether or not we would like a discussion about whether we would like to think about changing our current form of government or not. We will be voting only on whether or not to have a “discussion,” that’s it, just a “discussion.”

And we will be voting on who we would like to elect to have that discussion.

Tom Salemi on his blog The Newburyport Posts, has this subject covered. Tom Salemi is also running as a candidate for Charter Review. He has my vote because he would be great (and not because he is a fellow blogger, but because he would be great), and there are a whole lot of other folks who would be terrific as well.

20 candidates are running for 9 spots. And Tom has done a terrific thing. If you go to the side of his blog, you can click on anyone of the candidate’s names, and you will get a page with their picture and bio/statement.

Tom Salemi also has all kinds of terrific information about what exactly a “Charter Review” would be on the side of his blog. And the Newburyport Charter Review also has it’s own website.

Way back when in June 2007, I wrote what is probably one of my more favorite posts on why our current form of government would be so antiquated. And here is an edited version:

“My Dad and I were talking about Newburyport, MA. My father loves politics.

Q. My Dad: What qualifications do you need to be mayor?

A. Me: Pause. Tilting my head. Another pause. You just need to be 18.

Response. my father and I: Pause. Another pause… peals of laughter.

You got to admit, that’s a pretty apt response.

And one of the other things that my Dad thought was pretty wild would be the fact that that the mayoral term is only 2 years.

My Dad: 2 years??

Me: Yup, 2 years.

My Dad: No one could possibly get anything done in 2 years.

Me: Yup, you got it.

My Dad just shook his head in utter amazement.”