A Response From Jeremy Gillis

Hi Mary,

Just felt I needed to respond to your recent blog entry:

I am sorry people feel upset that I resigned my seat to seek the Clerks Position, but as I have posted on other forums and was printed in the Undertoad it was a decision I felt was in my, my family’s and the city’s best interests.

I return phone calls/emails as quickly as I can. If I neglect to return a call, I am sorry but rest assured that the issue/problem has been taken care of to the best of my ability.

I never said I wanted to pave the entire waterfront. I am for a mixed use, nicely landscaped combination Park/parking. I do not feel that the Downtown can be viable without some parking on the waterfront. I have always said that it would be a sin to pave over everything down there.

As far as the whole “infill” thing I have stated my posistion many times. The ordinance as written was too restrictive on the homeowner. I and Councilor McCarthy offered to reconsider our vote but the planning board would not compromise. This was the only ordinance change designed to curb development that I have voted against.

John Moak is a friend of mine. I have known him most of my life. He was always great to work with when he was Clerk. That being said I have no allegiance to anyone in the corner office. I would vote for his policies when I agree with them and vote against them when I don’t. That was the same as it was with Mayor Clancy when I was a councilor and the same philosophy I have had with past administrations as a private citizen.

My record over the past two years has quite a bit to show for it. I am not a “conservative good ol’ boy.” nor am I a “bombastic progressive.” I have and always will vote the way I feel is in the best interests of ward 1 first and the city as a whole. We would never have accomplished what we did if we had an extremist viewpoint (from either end of the spectrum) in that chair. The common pasture would not have been purchased, we would have no bike lanes slated for Plum Island, Perkins park would not be remedied and Joppa park still would not be handicapped accessible. I am proud to have been a part of what the council accomplished in the last two years and hope to be part of it in the future. We will let the voters decide which way they want to go.

Take Care


(Editor’s note: I received this very thoughtful response to my last posting from Jeremy Gillis, and I thought it would be appropriate to publish the entire email as it was sent to me. I did not ask Mr. Gillis’ permission, but I thought he would not mind.)