Newburyport, Old South Church Silent Auction

I would like to help get the word out about the Old South Church silent auction. The silent auction is not to help the congregation, it is to help preserve the steeple of the defining building of our neighborhood. I’m not a member, just a neighbor who would like to see it restored.

The steeple of the Old South Church, which is on the corner of Federal & School Street, is leaning. It must be repaired. It is going to cost more than $200,000. This is more than its small congregation can afford.

Old South Church is the oldest church in Newburyport, Massachusetts. George Washington attended a service there. And George Whitefield is buried under it. It has great significance.

There is a silent auction to benefit the Historic Restoration Fund on Saturday, March 25, from 6 to 8 PM ( the preview is at 5 PM ). There are lots of interesting items in the auction, including special dinners, a sailing charter, and antiques.

There will be food and entertainment and a chance to meet your neighbors.

Dick Monahan, Newburyport