Newburyport, It’s Official, Recommendation is Byron Matthews

The Newburyport Daily News reports today, March 21, 2006 that Mayor John Moak will ask the Newburyport City Council to appoint Byron Matthews to the NRA board in place of Mary Lou Supple. The Newburyport Daily News also reports that there is a certain amount of criticism with the “mayor’s controversial decision.”

As I’ve walked and talked to folks, the response I get is one of anger and disbelief. So, since the Newburyport City Council will comment and vote on this appointment, do not hesitate to give your City Councilor(s) a call or an email to let them know how you feel. No sense in keeping it to yourself, that won’t do any good. And you will not be bothering them. I’ve called three myself and they were very glad to I know how I felt, and said that they would very much like to hear how people feel about this appointment, so don’t be shy.

Councilors At-Large

Audrey McCarthy…..978-465-0032
Barry Connell………..978-462-7462
Thomas Jones…………978-465-4002
Steven Hutcheson…..978-465-5149
Gary Roberts, Jr……..978-465-1781

Ward 2: Gregory Earls……..978-465-9324
Ward 3: James Shanley……978-463-6806
Ward 4: Erford Fowler……..978-462-8569
Ward 5: Bruce Vogel………..978-462-5463
Ward 6: Thomas O’Brien…..978-465-0314


And Ward 1, don’t forget today is voting day for the primary for your City Councilor.


Mary Eaton, Newburyport