As the Newburyport Political Blog Evolves

One of the surprising things that has happened as the Newburyport Political Blog evolves, is that people are beginning to tell me all kinds of political stuff. And now, I often know about things that are floating around in the political community, whereas I never knew about them before. This doesn’t make me feel good instead it makes me feel completely overwhelmed.

Often when I hear things that are floating around, my first reaction is one of disbelief and denial (a friend of mine once told me that “denial is a shock absorber for the soul.”) And then I get very angry and then I begin to get to the point where I calm down and can begin to accept whatever the “story” might be.

I can see where it could be really easy for the Newburyport Political Blog to become a ranting, raving, angry, sarcastic blog. And now I can understand why there are a lot of political blogs like that out there.

So now, instead of just typing away and sending posts out into cyber-land, I find that I often sit on a post for days and try to slowly whittle out the anger and frustration. I am very sure that there are times when I won’t (and probably haven’t) be able to get there.

So sometimes it’s becoming very difficult to abide by my own “guidelines.” How about that one for ironic. I did not expect this development to be part of the blog adventure. And I would like the blog to be a fun adventure, and I’m really hoping I can manage to keep it that way. So this is another very unexpected learning curve.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport