Recycling Soldiers

I walk down Federal Street in Newburyport, MA and there they are, all neatly lined up on both sides of the street, like SWAT soldiers, waiting for the order to charge.

64 gallon dark green and black recycling soldier bins.

A couple of weeks earlier I get the notice form Newburyport’s recycling center letting me know that a 64 gallon recycling cart would be delivered to my dwelling in Newburyport, MA.

I think to myself, “64 gallons large??”

I Google 64 gallon to see how big it might be. Yes, very large. I appear only to use 32 gallon garbage cans, so yes, twice as big.

The one I have, the blue 14 gallon Newburyport recycling bin does the trick. When it’s full, I know Newburyport recycling day on my street in Newburyport, MA has arrived. Plus, I have no place for a 64 gallon anything.

I put in a call to Newburyport’s very conscientious recycling center, tell them what I have is just fine. No need for a 64 gallon recycling soldier.

But as I look at the large recycling soldiers lined up on the street leading from High Street in Newburyport, MA all the way to the Merrimac River, the message is clear. Recycle. And no more messy stuff flying around on windy or wet day from smaller open recycling bins. Tidy large retainers with lids meant to remind to recycle everything. We are green, we are responsible and we do it right.