Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker

When I wake up in the morning in Newburyport, MA and it’s sunny, it makes me smile.

I can’t (or maybe I could) imagine what it would be like to wake up on a regular sunny morning in Newburyport, MA and be in despair, and wish instead that it were cloudy.

And what I heard at last Tuesday’s meeting on the Newburyport wind turbine ordinance, was that on sunny days, Newburyport’s wind turbine can cast a shadow, or when moving a “shadow flicker,” on some of the neighboring homes. And on sunny days, instead of feeling cheered up, the residents who experience the shadow flicker, feel despair.

I cannot imagine sitting in my yard and A) have a large looming propeller like thing and then B) have that large looming propeller cast a moving shadow across my property, much less inside my home. I would be in despair too.

One of the things that was taken seriously into consideration at Newburyport’s wind turbine ordinance public hearing, was the subject of setbacks for future wind turbines, which would hopefully prevent this occurrence from happening in the future.

One of the questions at the end of the meeting, was what would happen if someone in Newburyport’s industrial park (which is zoned for wind turbines) wanted to erect one before changes to the wind turbine ordinance were made. And I was very glad to see the President of the Newburyport City Council, James Shanley, stand up and say (and I’m paraphrasing here) that if that were to happen, the city would take a very different approach than it had the first time.