Wind Turbine Newburyport

Who knew last spring when Newburyport’s wind energy, turbine ordinance was written, that Barack Obama would become president of the United States or that we as a country would have a mandate from our new president to make wind energy work.

Wind-wise we are light years ahead of where we were just a year ago. Who knows where wind energy will be a year from now.

I read somewhere that the innovations of wind energy will be similar to the innovation of the PC in the 1990’s. I have no idea if this would be true, but it makes sense to me.

And although I realize that from a wind energy point of view, bigger has been better, it appears, however, that that mindset might be beginning to change.

I think we as a city (see myriad of previous posts) have an opportunity to think about our wind-energy ordinance–policy from a different point of view. And there would be no better time to do that than at the Public Meeting concerning Newburyport’s Wind Energy Ordinance, this Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 7PM at Newburyport City Hall Auditorium.