Newburyport, Senior Center

One of the things that has happened being the editor of the Newburyport Political Blog is that all sorts of people call me and email me. It is often folks who feel as if no one is listening to them, and for some reason people feel that they have a chance of being heard by the editor of the Newburyport Political Blog.

And I get calls and emails from “seniors.” And usually those calls just about break my heart. The seniors so desperately want a Senior Center and feel that nobody is listening and nobody cares about what is important to them. That the process has been going on for so long, that the prospect of a Senior Center often seems remote.

I think that the Council on Aging and its director Rosanne Robillard do an unbelievable job. And if I should be lucky to live so long, I sure will need them and I sure would like a Senior Center.

I was heartened that Mayor John Moak is taking a good long look at Cushing Park for a potential site for the Senior Center (Newburyport Daily News, July 6, 2006.) I realize that there is opposition from the neighbors, but I am proud of our Mayor that he is paying attention to what our seniors are saying.

It is my opinion that as a society we so often focus on a “Paris Hilton culture” and the people who serve as the foundation of our society and who have the experience and wisdom we so often need, are dismissed and marginalized instead of being honored and appreciated.

As I understand it, most of our seniors feel that Cushing Park would be a good location for a Senior Center. And whether the site works out or not, I applaud our Mayor for trying.

Mary Eaton

(Editor’s note: Cashman Park is along the Waterfront. Cushing Park is off Kent Street.)

More Thoughts on the Waterfront

To respond to Mr. Clarridge’s thoughts on the waterfront I would like to share my elderly opinion. I am circulating a petition to have a Senior Center built on the East N.R.A. lot. The Seniors of this City have been ignored for over 25 years and deserve a small share of our most valuable waterfront. This location would be in walking distance for the Seniors in the James Steam Mill and the Sullivan Bldg. Many other Senior Centers are located in the downtown area, close to Public buildings, Post Office and shopping areas. I believe this idea is a lot better than hot topping the whole area for parking for Special Interest groups.

George Roaf, Newburyport