New Mobile Friendly Site for Mary Baker Art

Apple Trees, Painting by Mary Baker
Apple Trees © Mary Baker

I had no idea that mobile friendly websites were so important. I finally figured out what to do. I used a service called GoMobi, which is part of my web hosting package. I was able to create a web friendly site that looks a  lot like my Mary Baker Art website. To see the new mobile friendly version please go here. I use WordPress for the Mary Baker Art Blog (as well as The Newburyport Blog) and the theme I use is “mobile friendly,” so no worry there.  But the website is not mobile friendly, and now I am very much relieved!! Who knew that artists now needed mobile friendly sites as well as regular websites, not me. And I’d like to thank Hal Fickett of Hal Fickett and Company for making me aware of the issue, and helping me to think through what to do–awesome guidance from a smart and thoughtful person.