Digital Images, Painting with “Spray Paint” Brushes, and the First Digital Portrait

Gina, digital image
Gina, digital image, © Mary Baker

Somehow along the way on this new digital experiment that I had set out for myself, I discovered these amazing digital brushes. In Photoshop I could paint with “spray paint” brushes. Another “Wow,” “eureka,” “really??” moment. And I kept thinking of all that street art that I discovered (see earlier post), especially the street art by the South African artist Faith47, and maybe, just maybe I could incorporate some of those techniques, but in a digital format.

I took a photograph of my gorgeous daughter-in-law Gina, way before I ever knew that she would be my daughter-in-law, and I started to experiment with that photograph.

My thought was that I didn’t want the image to look like a photograph, and I didn’t want it to look like a painting, I wanted people to look at the image and think, “I’m not sure what that is?” And the portrait of Gina, done in the late winter of 2013 turned out to be another “eureka” moment in this digital enterprise, and another turning point, where I realized that this new digital medium had unbelievable potential. And creating in this new digital development became more exciting than ever. I could not wait to find out what could be next. It had been a long time since I was this excited and this curious about creating artwork.

The digital image below is of my son Hal and his new bride, Gina, on their honeymoon.  Hal and Gina took the original photograph.

Hal and Gina, digital image
Hal and Gina, digital image, © Mary Baker