Art Articles By Mary Baker

'Poppy' ©

Poppy © Mary Baker, Oil on Paper

Art, Artists and Money

Practical money tips for people in the arts.

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Art, Artists and Vocation

An artistic vocation, sharing your beauty, depth, insight and wisdom with the world, is both a gift and a responsibility. If you have a vocation as an artist, you are not different from the world, but rather you have been given an extraordinary gift, one that requires dedication, focus, courage, perseverance and hard work. Art is not for the faint of heart.

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Art, Women and Creativity

Women have been given the greatest gift of creativity there is--the capacity of creating and having a child. Even if a woman has never had children, just the biological possibility, is life defining.

The theory has often been that artists create their best work when they are young and after that "peak" in their career, their art becomes stale and predictable. The assumption is that an artist's work is the most important early in their lives. I would beg to differ, especially when it comes to women.

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Highly Sensitive Souls

Has anyone ever called you shy - or worse: "too sensitive"? Do you care deeply about EVERYTHING? You may be a Highly Sensitive Soul - a person of deep empathy and high intensity, with powerful intuition, awareness, and intelligence.

Being Highly Sensitive comes with a number of gifts, as well as challenges. See if any of these Highly Sensitive qualities resonate with you.

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How to Make Time for Art

The key to making time for art is the ability to say "NO".

If you say "yes" to everything that is asked of you, you will not have time to be creative. And it is so easy to say "yes" to all kinds of things and so hard to say "no." It is hard to say "no" to immediate family, extended family, demands of friends, organizations, messy houses, cluttered basements - the list is endless.

Making art takes lots of time. It not only takes a great deal of time to do whatever it is you are creating, but it also takes a great deal time for what most people would consider "down time." Artistic down time is a foreign concept to people who are not artists. Our society values busyness over artistic incubation, but you cannot create art without it.

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Living with an Artist

Living with an artist isn't easy, particularly if you are the significant other. So, after living with and working with artists for over 20 years I've put together a few suggestions and insights.

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Tips on Breaking the Creative Block

There's no question that creating anything is hard to do. Here are some tips if you find yourself creatively blocked.

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Why Buy Original Art

Why pay money for an original piece of art work, when you can buy an inexpensive reproduction print?

An original piece of art is a passionate creation, which not only reflects the soul of the artist, but your soul as well, because you chose it. Owning a piece of art instead of owning a reproduction, is like having a person who is important in your life actually in the room with you, rather than having a photograph of that person on your desk. It reflects a piece of you that you cherish and want to share with the rest of the world.

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